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Skeet Shoot
Sat, Sept 24, 2016
Maine Bird Dog Trial Grounds
Fryeburg, Maine

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Our hope is that you find this website to be a valuable resource not only for members but for all who have an interest in the Brittany dog. Updated regularly, on this website you will find information about a variety of issues and events including:
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    2016 - Our 38th Year

    Welcome to the Central Maine Brittany Club 

    Incorporated 1978  In 1978 a few dedicated Brittany owners in Maine got together and decided that Maine needed it's own regional Brittany club. One reason was to provide local opportunities for owners to work towards field championships with their dogs without having to travel long distances. The response was tremendous!  In time CMBC worked hard to be able to offer AKC and American Field trials for the Brittany and other pointing breeds.  The club also went through the necessary steps to be able to offer AKC Bench shows.
    Through the years many members have been extremely competitive in various venues with their Brittanys and successfully finished their dogs as National Champions, Amateur Field Champions, Dual Champions, American Field Champions, Show Champions, Agility Champions, Junior through Master Hunters, Flyball Champions and more. Currently there are several members who are actively involved in many of these dog sports resulting in vast accumulative knowledge based on their experiences.
    With a deep respect for the traditions of the past and a keen eye towards the future CMBC will continue to move forward, remaining true to the vision and goals established by the co-founders while meeting the needs of all the interests of all Brittany owners who are as versatile as the breed itself! 

    Here is a photo from the archives showing one of CMBC's founding members    Dwight "Pete" Jordan at the club's very first field trial over 30 years ago. His Brittany is locked up solid, on point as Pete walks in to flush the bird and fire a blank gun. Pete was active in the club until his late 90s.  
    CMBC - Cares about responsible dog ownership.

    CMBC's ongoing outreach to the general public about responsible dog ownership and introducing the Brittany has included participating in educational events such as AKC "Meet The Breeds" .  CMBC has participated in the AKC "LOBBY DAY" held in the Hall of Flags at the Maine State Capital House in Augusta. This is an outreach to touch base with state legislators about the concerns of responsible dog owners and breeders.  CMBC frequently presents their perspective regarding bird hunting and hunting with dogs to  Maine's Senators and Representatives. CMBC also  works closely with the AKC Government Relations.  and several members are actively involved with legislative issues on a regular basis, looking out for the rights of all hunting and sporting dog owners and the welfare of their dogs. 

    CMBC - We invite you to come grow with us!
    CMBC continues to recognize new needs for the typical Brittany dog owner and ways to reach out to them and help discover ways to enjoy their Brittanys even more!   In today's economy it is not easy to be as active in dog sports or other activities and learning opportunities have been in the past limited for those who are new to traditional field events.  Clubs are doubling up for shows, field trials, hunt tests, training seminars and more and CMBC embraces and recognizes this trend.  In an effort to help ALL Brittany owners better enjoy this amazing breed this club is dedicated to moving forward into the future with increased and affordable activities revolving around the BRITTANY !  We invite you to come grow with us as we actively seek new members!  If you are a Brittany dog owner and would like to be part of the Central Maine Brittany Club just let us know. There is information about club membership (and renewals) on the link above or simply click  here.  Not only do we hope you will join us, we welcome your involvement and especially want to KNOW what members expect this club to be.  Only by your active participation can we continue to move forward into the future, something which could not be possible if not for our members.   
    Glimpse of a Brittany 
    The Brittany is named after its country of origin – Brittany, or Breton, in the north west area of France. First identified in the mid 1800′s, it was popular subject for paintings and tapestries of that era.  A rich history of the Brittany is found in the book 'The Brittany In America" by Fred Z. White as well as other publications associated with the American Brittany Club.  These dogs were widely used for bird hunting. They would point to the bird, then lie down still so the hunter could cast his net over both the dog and the bird. They found their way to the United States in 1931, and were welcomed into the AKC breed registry in 1934. Until 1982, the Brittany was known as the Brittany Spaniel. The name was changed because its style of hunting is more like a pointer, rather than a spaniel. It has been very popular amongst dog enthusiasts in the United States for its hunting ability, agility and friendly, personable nature. This is a highly energetic breed, with a loving affectionate nature. They are definitely people dogs; because they were developed to work alongside their owner, they want to be with them as much as possible. The Brittany learns quickly and they are keen to please their owner. They may be sensitive, in that a loud voice or harsh correction can frighten them. Most Brittany fanciers will agree that a frown and stern look is enough to keep their dog in line. This breed is very exuberant, enthusiastic and joyful, which can be fun to live with.   These dogs will let you know if a stranger approaches, but will then try to make friends with them. Their hunting instincts mean that they have a tendency to wander, so good fencing is a must. Brittanys are easy dogs to look after, when it comes to coat care.  Their only need brushing once or twice a week, especially if they have been out in bushy terrain and have grass seeds in their coat. Similarly, check their ears and give them a gentle wipe out to remove dirt, and prevent infection. These dogs do shed a reasonable amount, so be prepared to sweep up excess dog hair regularly. (Grooming needs differ for those actively involved in showing.)
    The most challenging part of looking after a Brittany is meeting their need for physical and mental exercise. They must have a good run or walk every day, and regular training to keep their mind stimulated. If they don’t get this, then they can become destructive, and may develop other behavioral problems. It’s not fair to invite this breed to join your family unless you are prepared to put the effort into meeting their need for activity.The Brittany is a popular breed, and are particularly suited to families with active sporty lifestyles. They enjoy hunting, as well as obedience and agility. These activities give them a job to do, and keep them thinking. They are wonderful children’s companions, and will run and play with them for hours. However, their boisterous nature may knock children over, so they do need supervision when they are in the company of youngsters!